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Nicole G. Lawson


Nicole G. Lawson has always had a passion for learning and teaching. She may be the coolest nerd you will ever meet. Since Nicole graduated from Northern Illinois University Law School with honors, she has owned and operated her successful practice, The Lawson Law Group. In her private practice, she has counseled thousands of people regarding their finances and their assets.  With over 20+ years of experience as an attorney, business owner and real estate investor, she will share her experiences to educate you on business and finances.


However, after 20 years in private practice she began to feel burned out. She decided that practicing law was way too structured and confining. What she really wanted, was freedom and financial independence. So, she embarked on a journey to create the life of her dreams. Using real estate as the answer, in just 3 short years, she amassed her own million-dollar real estate portfolio by aggressively investing all of her savings. Now, she is truly living the lifestyle of her dreams and wants to see others do the same.


As a coach, you can trust that Nicole will give you sound financial advice. Additionally, as a financial therapist and wellness specialist her approach is direct and no nonsense.  She excercises a 360 degree lifestyle that will inspire you to design the life of your dreams.


Being healthy and wealthy is not for some of us it’s for all of us!


It’s a lifestyle.

Nicole G.
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