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How To Not Give A Shit

Until just this moment you probably didn’t realize the reason for all your misery. The reason you can’t seem to be happy with your life is because you are to focused on someone else’s. Someone else’s life or someone else’s opinions of your life. It’s a nasty little habit we all have but we have to stop. We have to literally stop giving a fuck. Once we do that happiness is right there!
In today’s G TV, I will go in depth into the Why we do it. But then, I’ll talk about how to stop. We do it because we have done it our entire life & we stop doing it by turning inside. 
Do you find yourself:
1. Staying in a career you don’t want because you’re afraid of what people will think?
2. Are you staying in a bad marriage because you don’t want to face your family and their criticism or pity? 
3. Are you feeling inadequate because your closest friend seems to have it all and compared to him or her your life...well it sucks? 
4. Are you eating the same shitty diet as everyone around you because when you say you’re a vegan & then have a bite of steak your friends ridicule and open a firing squad on you for being fake?
5. Do you find yourself being quiet about your dreams because those closest to you think you’re crazy every time you share? 
I could go on on. All of these are examples of why you have to stop giving a fu*k what someone else thinks about you. Do what you want to do with your life. I know you’ve heard the cliche over & over, you only get one life, live it to the max. Well, the reason why you keep hearing it is because it’s true. There are no do overs. So just go for it. I’m here to help. {Jeanine add a link to work with me section of the website}
Leave a comment about how others opinions of you hold you back. 
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