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Nicole G’s Nighttime Routine

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Most people that know me know I do not play when it comes to my sleep. I need 8 hours every night and if that doesn’t happen I am usually an unhappy person. And that also means, I will take a nap in the middle of the day to “make up” for lost sleep. Yes, I am that serious about it. But I must be honest, before I developed my night time regime those 8 hours’ sleep wasn’t always restful. I had to do something to change this. Who wants to sleep 8 hours and wake up tired? Not me. So, I am going to share with you guys what do every night, to ensure a good night’s rest.

First things first. You should know my bed sleeps as good as any luxury brand hotel you have slept in. My beddings is what works for me. I do not like being hot at night. I need it to remain cool although I can’t fall asleep if I’m cold. I’m a little strange I know. But the percale sheets are so much better for me than a high thread count Egyptian cotton sheet. Percale Sheets are nice, crisp and go a long way to keep my cool. The higher thread count sheets are to silky for me and stick to my body and make me too warm. I had to learn this after a lot of trial and error. But what happens before I slide into my bed is as important as my bedding. Percale sheets are BOMB!! If you’re interested in purchasing a nice affordable set I’m dropping this link below to check them out.

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My pillows and mattress I have equally studied and work great for me.

My pillows are down and environmentally friendly. I can’t sleep if they too hard or to soft they must be just right.

Guess I’m a little like Goldie Locks.

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I do not have a tv in my bed but I have become addicted to Netflix. I have to admit that I binge watch tv or sports almost every night. I do go 2 days a week where I don’t turn the tv on but then my face is just buried in my laptop. I rarely can go one day with no tv or computer. But I do try. So, the point here is that I turn off all my electronics at least an hour before I go to bed.

I love taking a hot bath every night. But my water pressure isn’t great so it takes 20 minutes to fill up my tub. So, while I go fill up my bath with oils, bubbles & salts. I prepare further for bed. I drink my last tall glass of water for the day. Then, I walk around and pick up everything that is out of place and put it in place. I usually throw my coat across the chair when I walk in. So, I’ll go hang up my coat. I lay out my clothes for the next day. I wipe out my kitchen sink and put my dishes up. The straightening up usually takes me less than 5 minutes. Picking out my clothes can sometimes take up too much time. But with whatever time is left I turn on some jazz. I’m old school I like to pull an album and play it on my record player. It’s something about the crackling noise on the record, I find sexy and cool. And I love to listen to it before bed.

After the house is straightened up and my clothes are laid out I brush my teeth, light the candles, deal with my thick hair and get in my super-hot bubble bath. Now honestly, if I’m having a glass of wine I don’t brush my teeth until after the bath. I may grab a snack. Like a handful of nuts or berries. I relax so deeply in that bath. I sweat and think of it as melting the stress of the day away.

After the bath, I take a few minutes to calm down. I do really take a hot bath. I’m certain my blood pressure is up. I do not recommend this for anyone. Take a lukewarm bath. Don’t be crazy like me. After I’m cool, I moisturize my body. If it’s winter I put on oil then cream all over my body. If it’s hot out I use oil only on slightly damp skin. Then I take care of my face.

As I have gotten older my skin care regime has become a little more involved. And this too is dependent on the weather. Since at the time of this writing its summer, I will share what I do now.

Night Time Face Regime

1. Cleanse my face with a gel antioxidant cleanser. I wash with my fingertips and rinse thoroughly with my hands.  I splash water on my face. I don’t not use towels on my face to wash my face. I then cleanse my face a 2nd time with a gentle milky cleanser. Again, using only fingers and splash water on to rinse.

2. I let my face air dry. I pat dry my eyebrows because they are so thick I would take forever. I do have a special soft towel to remove water off my face.

3. I apply eye cream to my eyes. I dab a small amount on my ring finger and gently dab it around my eyes. All the around my eyes.

4. I apply an antioxidant serum.

5. I apply a night cream with retinol.

Whatever serums and creams I use on my face I always rub the remainder on my hands. And once a week I apply a mask and usually leave it on while I’m picking up around the house and it usually melts off during the bath. I tie my hair with a silk scarf and then top it with a satin bonnet.

Once I get in bed I pull out my gratitude journal. Every day I write 3 things that I am grateful for. I think it is important for me to take time to acknowledge the creator and the universe for the positive energy that I receive on a daily basis. I can be the type to get caught up into the dos and don’ts and get overwhelmed in that. So, I’m sure to say thank you for the smallest to the biggest things in my life. My list of 3 is a minimum. If it was a rich day, I find myself writing a lot. Honestly, some days are so challenging I struggle to find 3. Sometimes my list includes, I am grateful for my bed. Swear. But I find a way. The day is never as bad as I think until I change my focus to the good. This has been the most powerful thing in my life. This and meditating. It keeps me grounded and keeps my spirit high. Despite my day to day challenges, I am emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared to handle it.  

Along with the 3 grateful things, I write down only one thing I will do tomorrow. I think what is the one thing I can do tomorrow that will make me feel good and accomplished? I limit this to one thing. Otherwise the over achiever in me will have a laundry list of things to do and get me stressed. I have let the stress go and it’s time to go to sleep.

I sleep well. Cleopatra and her milk baths have nothing on me.


Nicole G.

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