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Nighttime Skincare Regime Is Critical To Your Beauty

We all know that we should wash our face. But sometimes we are tired and worn out from a long day we just want to pass out in the bed. But we can’t. We have to take time with ourselves and love on our skin. My skin care routine is vital to my pretty. I suffer with periodic breakouts and to make matters worse, I hyper pigment. What does that mean? It means those pesky pimples I get leave an ugly brown mark behind. My goal is to have even, subtle & glowing skin, everyday. To achieve my goal, my take care of my skin at night not matter how tired I am. (heck or tipsy for that matter

To be honest, this is a relatively expensive habit for me. I invest in monthly facials and medical grade products. But, if you're interested developing beautiful glowing skin you can try less pricey means. I didn’t always use medical grade products and I managed just fine. The truth is technology has advanced so much in the anti aging field that even over the counter facial products are effective. However, invest in your skin as best you can. The return on your investment is confidence. Confidence boosted by clear glowing skin.

So, let’s get to it. No matter which products you opt for, follow these steps and your skin will thank you. Trust, any product I mention, I have used it personally and find that it works wonders for me. Here you go...

1. Cleanse your face. Twice. Yes. Cleanse, rinse & repeat.

Begin with clean hands. Cleanse your face by massaging your cleanser onto dry or damp skin. This is dependent on the type of cleanser. I am currently not having any active breakouts so I use a touch of dampness with my cleanser.

(Note: if I am experiencing any acne I cleanse Jan Marini BioGlyoclic Face Cleanser first. This glycolic cleanser is only used on dry skin.) I use about a dime size of Jan Marini Age Intervention Gentle Cleanser. I rub the cleanser over my face 20 seconds and then remove by splashing cool water over my face 15 times. I blot dry. I use a very soft fur like cloth to blot my face dry. You can use a white paper towel.

Next, I cleanse with Gunilla of Sweden Akta high content organic cleanser. Again, I use a dime size and rub it over my skin about 20 seconds. I splash cool water over my face 15 times and blot dry.

Please, if you opt to use any face cloth to wash your face or dry your face please make sure its gentle. Some people like to use face brushes. I have one and use it if I have gone to long without a facial. But otherwise, I do not. Just please be sure the cloth you use on your face is soft and clean. Any amount of bacteria on your face can cause a break out. We do not want break outs! And always be gentle. Do not rub your face hard and do not use harsh cleansers.

I hear a lot of people think face oil is akin to the devil. It is not. We just need to be sure to keep balanced ph levels and oil levels in our skin. Please do not attempt to scrub the oils from your skin or use products that will strip your natural oils.

2. Apply eye cream

I apply Neocutis Lumber Riche Bio-restorative Eye Balm. This is an extremely pricey eye cream. I use it twice a day. And trust me it is worth every penny. However, if your are not so inclined to buy this brand. Please Please use anyone you like. It is important, in fact vital, to our skin care regime that we apply eye cream. Even at night.

Apply the eye cream using the soft tip of your ring finger. Pat gently. Begin in the corner of your lower eye lid and sweep out to the edge of your eye. I also apply the eye cream to my upper eye lid. You don’t need to add more cream just gently apply the residue on the top of your eye lid. Use care to avoid your eye.

3. Apply night cream

I use Jan Marini Age Intervention Retinol Plus Face Cream. I highly recommend this night cream. However, if you decide to use another night cream go for it. Just please make sure your night cream contains retinol. It is the gold standard to skin rejuvenation. The older your skin is the more I recommend using a medical grade retinol cream. But even 20 year olds need to use retinol. It will keep your skin younger longer.

Apply about a dime size night cream to your finger tips and rub together before rubbing on your face. Gently apply the cream by moving your fingers upward across your face. Our skin naturally sags as we get older. We lose volume in our face and therefore our skin sags. To help slow the aging process use this opportunity to rub your skin upwards. Be sure to apply from your neck up. Do not forget your neck.

4. Tie your hair down with a silk scarf

You want to keep your hair off your face while you sleep. The oils from hair could dirty your face, add bacteria and cause break outs. Take steps to keep it away from your face while you sleep.

5. Sleep on a silk/satin pillowcase

You want to minimize wrinkles and pressure to your skin. All of our skins with age overtime. Thus, we will experience fine lines and wrinkles. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase gives your face a soft smooth foundation to lay on. Thus, reducing fine lines.

In conclusion, always cleanse your face every night before bed. It doesn't matter if you have on make or not. Our face endures a beating throughout the day. Pollution, harsh winds, blowing debris, extreme temperatures all require we clean our face before we go to bed. Always, apply and eye cream and a retinol night cream. And lastly always keep your hair off your face at night. And always be gentle. While you are sleeping your body is at rest but working hard to restore itself at the same time. Allow the products to work throughout the night. And wake up with a rested & restored face. We only get one. Let’s take care of it.

Sleep Well

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